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Messed Diaper in Public and Public Bathroom

15:55 minutes long.

A wild video! I get pretty brave and really let my inner exhibitionist out this time :P

I start at home, showing off my outfit, including a skirt with a diaper on underneath, and the cute girly pampers baby wipes that I'm putting in my purse. I'm out to a cafe for some coffee and to hang out :)

I film while I walk there, being sneaky and positioning the camera up my skirt so you can see the diaper while I walk around. It's very thrilling and I piss a little bit before I even order my coffee!

Once I get to the shop I order and eventually sneak into the bathroom to show the trouble I'm getting myself into. The public bathroom is kinda nasty and stinks but I'm having fun showing my pissy diaper and eventually let out just a little shit - one small turd. I show this and say I'm going back out for more coffee and saving the rest of my shit for later!

After my second drink, I sit at the table and film the cafe a bit and get the phone between my legs to show the diaper again - this time it stinks, do you think the people nearby can tell?

Back into the bathroom I finally fill up the diaper with everything I've got - it even leaks a little out the side as it's pushed and smeared onto my ass. I take it down to show you and start the gorgeous process of wiping and cleaning myself with the baby wipes. It takes so many to get clean and my hands get dirty!

Finally I chuck everything into the public bathroom garbage can leaving it way nastier and smellier than when I came in and I leave the starbucks with no panties on! Bye!

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