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Standing Up Diarrhea Splatter (2 angles)

3:32 minutes long.

I have to go pretty bad and the smell of the fart I let out proves it, but I change my mind last minute I want to set up another camera. This only makes me more desperate to shit!

I'm standing up with the cameras below me, one looking up at my ass and legs and the other filming where I hope the shit will land - a plastic pie plate! I'm really trusting my aim here because I've been watching some hot standing and shitting clips and wanted to make one with runny shit :P

I jiggle my ass in anticipation and finally lean forward a little and spread my cheeks so I can start shitting and it starts normal but like a cork once that first turd is out, diarrhea splatters down in a mushy pile - feels so good to get that out!

I replay the shitting with a split-screen so you can see it come out close up and land onto the floor at the same time. Then I wipe!

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