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Shit Dropping 2 Clip BUNDLE

6 minutes long.

A 2 clip deal combining one very early clip and a more recent one - if you like amateur and you like watching shit drop from high up then this is a sale for you!

In the first clip, I'm in my favourite super soft socks and using a shower seat in an accessibility shower stall to get some creative angles going for you! I take a piss and a sweet big juicy shit! Watch me spread my cheeks! I've got pretty feet all wrapped up in some sexy socks - an excellent outfit to get up to some naughty business in!

For the second clip, I’ve caught you perving on me in my cute little skirt and tease you with my ass and panties and long, pale legs. Whether you like it or not I’m going to make you watch me take a shit right there on the floor while standing up! The shit spreads my cheeks as it pushes out and falls onto the ground. Go ahead and watch, maybe touch yourself, I won’t tell!

In the second clip the sound was a wonky and had to be fixed, it’s fine quality but requires a slight disclaimer for sounding slightly unnatural - enjoy!

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