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MASSIVE Loud Messy Pantypoop before a Date

11:23 minutes long.

I have a big date coming up and I want to make sure it goes well so I let you have a peek into my top secret pre-date getting ready ritual!

I'm wearing some gorgeous champagne satin high waisted vintage inspired panties and putting on my favourite red lipstick while I explain that a woman's scent is very important. Perfumes are complicated things, especially when you consider how they interact with our natural pheromones and other smells.

I like to smell nice like a perfume but with a little something different behind the smell - the scent of shit lingering on my skin. To achieve this effect I take a huge pantypoop the shower - leaving just the smell!

I start to push it out and you can hear the loose mushy shit make loud squirting sounds and farts and crackles and sputters. The wet load starts to seep through and stain the fabric as I change positions several times to really get it messy.

Eventually I sit down in the tub to squish the shit - it oozes up and out, coating my pussy and bush with shit and as I lean back it crawls all the way up my whole butt crack and out the top of my panties - even though they were high cut!

After taking them off and showing you the mess, I turn on the shower and let it run over my shit stained ass and pussy - perfect!

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