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POV Being Shit on 2 Clip Bundle Deal

4:42 minutes long in total.

This contains 2 old, short clips featuring a POV where you are lying on the floor being shit on.

In the first, I am wearing a cute dress and you are underneath me between my legs for an upskirt view of my cute lacy thong and juicy ass. I bend down and start to push and a mushy diarrhea shit pushes the thong aside to land right on you!

The second clip has me naked and standing over you showing my ass and grabbing it. I bend down so my asshole and pussy are close to your face with my asshole right over you. I start to push out turds one after the other that obscure your view. You listen to turds hitting you with thuds and squishes and I tell you you are trapped in with the shit smell <3

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