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Big Load Oozing Out of My Panties

5:17 minutes long.

Newly recolourized with quality updated!

This videos got a lot of good going for it! I’m proud of it and wanted to make sure it was special because it’s the send-off for one of my favourite pairs of lacy, sexy panties!

God, remembering now, I almost lost my virginity in these cute babies - whoever ended up getting them was one lucky guy!

I show off my cute body and even let out a rare series of loud farts before eventually pushing a huge amount of shit out of my perky young ass and right into my panties <3

The shit squished everywhere and drops in large chunks onto the floor in a pile, getting all dirty on my asshole in the process. I show you the shit on the ground and even pick up a big sloppy handful with my pretty, creamy panties 😮

Lots of good smells and bits of food in my tasty shit await you in this asstastic adventure ;D Enjoy and bon appetit!

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