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Wetting the Same Cotton Panties TWICE

3:36 minutes long.

In this clip I'm wearing cute, white cotton panties with a cute pink trim. They're classic and comfy - so much so that maybe I'll decide to leave them on when I have to pee!

I sit on the toilet normally and start to piss but with my cute panties still on. You can see the darker wet spot spread as they fill with pee. A long stream still comes through the fabric and I show you this and the wet spot on the back, spreading up my round perky ass.

Once I'm done pissing, I take off the wet panties and leave them for later. I click the camera off and on again, later in the day, and flaunt the still-wet panties, teasing as I put them back on.

I piss again, showing more angles this time - from the front, back, underneath and close-up. I even pull the panties higher on my waist so the wet gusset pushes against my pussy as you watch. Maybe next time I'll piss in the same pair 3 times!

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