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4 Pooping Clip Compilation (SALE)

11:23 minutes long.

The first shit gets pushed out slowly from my lily white ass right towards you and you see in full HD all the cracks and textures of it from my asshole and as it falls to the floor.

I wipe my ass a couple times to clean up and show you the shit on the tile floor close up. It’s gorgeous and I pick it up the firm logs and smear the creamy finish around while admiring its size and the large number of corn pieces and other food bits throughout it.


The second clip was filmed before going away for work for a few weeks. Gotta clean out the fridge before I leave! I ate a little bit of everything these last couple days before this poop and it shows in the perfect creamy log I let you watch.

I talk you through the shit as I turn around and push it into a container. At the end I do a close up and you can see tomato skins and even some dark purple eggplant if you look closely!


Third clip is my only video shitting a thick turd into a glass jar. I lounge around seductively and naked on the tile floor and vocally enjoy lining up the glass jar perfectly to shit into for you.

Watch the shit stretch open my cute asshole and fall. I give you a good view of the jar of shit at the end too.


Last but not least was a truly incredible and interesting poop. I've never shit out anything that looked like this before!

I shit a thick heavy and dense log onto a paper plate and when looking at it it's got all these different coloured sections! Take a long look with me - do you think it was all the expensive fancy cheeses I ate?

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