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Overflowing Pissy Diaper Masturbation Floods the Floor

Over 6 minutes long.

Oh LORD I have to pee so so bad. I rush into the bathroom only to see the toilet is clogged BADLY. I don't want to add to that and be embarrassed when I have to get help unclogging it. They'll know how much piss I put in there!

I'm desperate. I can't piss in the sink, they'll smell it, I need something else. I go through drawers frantically hoping to find the answer and there it is! A Pampers Diaper! That should absorb everything right?

I get naked and open the diaper up. I wrap it around myself the best I can and start to let go. The warmth spreads and I begin to feel relief - it actually feels good and wet and warm and safe. But my bladder was really FULL.

It's hard to tell if it's leaking. These things are made to be super absorbent but I show you that I'm STILL peeing and it's flooding the diaper, I'm peeing faster than it can absorb. I think it's leaking everywhere :o

I splash around and see just how much piss has escaped. I move around using the light to see where there is wetness and it's flooded the whole floor! There's so much piss, I can't clean it up even using the soaked diaper.

I decide there's nothing to do about it now and instead have fun using the pissy pampers to masturbate and rub against my clit ;P

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