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Worship My Loud, Naked Farts

6:32 minutes long.

I rip a ton of farts in this video~ and I want you to worship my ass while you do it. It takes a lot of work to have an ass this supple and juicy so I want your nose buried deep in my asshole sniffing everything I have to give you.

Most farts in this video are audible and noisy rather than airy and all are 100% natural filmed in a couple hours on a day when I ate something that made me REALLY GASSY (it was beer and mac and cheese fyi). The clips is composed of 4 scenes and all real farts!

So watch my every move while I roll around and pull down my thong getting into different positions for you to access my ass. Put your face in my asscrack and smell all the sweet stinky farts I make for you and tell me I'm beautiful <3

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