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Desperate to Shit in My Bedroom

7 minutes long.

I had lots of fun making this!

I like to make desperation videos hen I actually am desperately having to shit so that all the squirming is real – I give myself a time limit on when I can finally let loose!

This shit is full of chile flakes and spicy goodness which is likely why I had to go SO BADLY.

Watch me squirm and try to figure out what to do as I get closer and closer to releasing the long log of shit inside me. My cute dress and pale creamy skin look amazing and innocent as I struggle and squirm!

I show you two wipes of toilet paper and you can see how much food was in the shit and how messy and creamy it was. I also give a close up aerial view of the shit in the tin so we can all admire what I made for you.

Spicy food poops are always a pleasure ;D

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