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Pissy Diaper on Face Masturbation + Shitting

16:26 minutes long.

I filled this diaper with piss for some reason and got it nice and wet and heavy. I don't know why, it smells so gross, like pee and powder. I can't stop smelling it though, taking long breaths and sniffing the wet pee filled fabric. I think it's turning me on while I sit on the bathroom floor near the toilet and breathe deeply into the diaper.

Even though it's nasty and stinky, it's making me horny to smell the diaper so I strap it and secure it onto my face and lie on my back and begin to touch myself. The scent is strong pissy pampers smell but I get wet and really start to tease my clit and fuck myself.

The camera shows several angles of me trying to make myself cum with the wet pampers diaper attached to my face and you can here how soaked and wet my pussy is while I masturbate and show you my sticking grool and juice covered fingers.

I finally orgasm and my legs shake - who knew a dirty diaper could make a nasty girl like me cum so hard and so good?

Afterwards all the relaxing has really made me ready to shit and totally horny for it. I lay down the piss soaked diaper and release a huge load of crap onto the open diaper and then smell it's sweet stink. The smell and act get me so horny that i rub the shit and the diaper all over my tits and begin to rub my clit again!

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