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3 Standing and Shitting Clips Compilation

Over 6 minutes long.

This is a compilation coming with 3 great short clips from my early days filming! Well lit but very amateur.

In one, I show off my ass and legs and then bend over slightly, still standing, and push a log out from that position. The extra effort it takes pushing while standing up causes me to also spray piss all over the tile floor in this hotel!

In another, I'm in my tub with my ass pushed out towards you showing you how round and pale and hot it is, then, standing and squatting slightly, I push out a nice thick load right into the bathtub - and you better believe I use this tub STILL to take a bath in to this day ;P

In the last clip, I'm locked out while naked and really have to shit very bad. I knock and plead and wiggle the lock and handle to no effect. I cross my legs to try to hold it in but the shit starts to force it's way past my ass cheeks and fall onto the ground. In embarrassment, I even try to catch some but it slips past my hand, leaving a brown smear and hitting the tile floor anyways.

All clips are great and show the pile at the end :)

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