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3 Clip Public Bathroom Shitting Compilation

Over 11 minutes long.

One clip is this one, a very popular clip from me pissing and shitting everywhere but the toilet in a cafe restroom ;P

In another, I strip in front of my phone camera, all the way down to my knit socks and kneel doggy-style on the floor, pushing my ass out to the camera and shit into my open hand :D I then dump the handful of shit into the toilet and flush it away!

The last clip is a bathroom with stalls so I have to be extra sneaky - I head into one stall and strip naked then spread my legs and show you pissing and shitting into the bowl while flushing over and over and over! People must've been confused and maybe even a little annoyed at how much I was flushing. I wipe and keep flushing again and again!

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