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Witch Requires A Toilet Slave Familiar

18 minutes long.

I'm a good witch but you've convinced me that the only way to perform more powerful and complex spells is to get a more intelligent familiar.

Since you're willing I'll perform a binding spell to make you my slave forever. But it's a difficult spell and will require a lot of dedication. Once you're my slave you will have to perform tasks from cooking and cleaning all the way to eating my waste or cumming to power spells.

I'll need to you absorb my body over 2 days. It'll start with 3 pairs of panties I've worn for several days so they are heavily scented with my sweat and pussy juices and are thick with my cream. The last pair is even stained with some of my period blood and in my excitement over a blessing from the moon goddess I ask you to use them as well.

Next up I make you watch as I spread my pussy and piss into a glass for you to drink for the spell and finally I turn around and push out a huge crackling sputtering shit pile.

The spell works best if you cum as many times as possible while eating and drinking and licking and watching. Everyone knows there is power in this that will bind us.

I hope you're ready for my exacting instructions and to be subject to my demands for life!

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