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Farting in Your Face POV (Jeans + Leggings)

Over 7 minutes long.

I've got a sexy, tight pair of jeans on and I've eaten lots of foods that make me gassy - why don't you come over here and smell them? In fact, I demand it!

I need to poo too so the farts are extra smelly and I push my ass back towards your face so you have to breathe in all the stink! I want you to suck in all my stinky, pre-poo farts for me. I like taunting you and describing all the food I ate and asking if you can smell them - garlic? Maybe some craft beer?

I eventually change into some very tight leggings, hoping that the thinner fabric with make the smell even stringer as you breathe in my natural, airy and sometimes loud farts. I keep pushing my ass into your face, knowing it's torture for you and that you're so turned on by it.

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