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Coworker Threatens + Forces you to Eat Shit

Over 15 minutes Long.

You've been staring at your coworker Cassie's ass. She's noticed and takes you aside for a talk.

Turns out I'm pretty mad and I start talking about my big tough boyfriend, putting on lots of lipstick and outlining my revenge plan... to humiliate and destroy you. If you don't do everything I say, my boyfriend and his friends will beat you up so you have no choice! Your fear makes me excited but i want more.

While I explain the plan, I force you to piss in your own mouth and drink it in front of me and later, the laxatives I fed you cause you to shit on the floor everywhere. I laugh at you and make you lick it up while telling my bf about it on the phone!

All the while I'm threatening and scaring you, I intimidate you by showing you my ass and taunting you with my asshole, asking if you like it and if it was worth it.

My revenge plan involves forcing you to clean a men's bathroom with your mouth - but I'll explain much more further details in the video ;P Let's just say you'll be slurping up and consuming so much piss and shit and cum that there's no way you'll dare to disrespect me ever again!

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