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Long Clip: Eating Meals + Shitting Them Out

Over 17 minutes long.

This is a very long video, over 17 minutes. The first half, I made a compilation of every time I ate over a couple days - the second half, I empty it all back out of me and we examine how it looks as a big dump that has gone through my body.

I start by showing off my teeth and explaining that I going to show you everything that I eat and that it's going to be fun and WILL be enjoyed by you. I seem to be threatening that I can either make you you this shit or I can chew and shit out you instead >:D So I guess you better enjoy!

I eat breakfasts and snacks and dinners and meals, showing you several bites and chatting a bite about the textures, flavours, and things that might show up later. Will the corn meal and corn pieces in the polenta show up? What will happen if I don't chew this trail mix very well? Sundried tomatoes are also very fibrous...

After chewing and swallowing all the delicious foods I had over the days I waited, I then have a big load ready for you so I get you nice a close to watch.

I shake my ass and swing my hips while also pulsing and showing off my asshole in preparation of the shit I have ready. Then my asshole stretched to release a big thick log.

My creamy pussy drips with how hot and wet I get by doing this in front of you. It swirls into a large pile beneath me and I begin to examine it with you.

I pick up several pieces, smearing and breaking apart chunks to find all the food inside and show it to you. I make you look very closely at everything I ate again, covered in shit this time. It smells amazing!

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