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12 Farting Clip Compilation + Even More Farts!

3:20 minutes long.

This is a compilation of a few farts from my longer videos + many MANY never before seen farts from time I felt the urge coming and whipped out my phone!

Lots of shots in pyjamas in the evening or naked mornings relaxing, a few farts in black satin panties and lots of laid back, loud and long farts! This one still has airy soft farts but also has a lot more loud ones for those that enjoy them!

I like that in this compilation I'm in my bed, on the couch, you can even hear the TV in the background of one shot! I'm just shooting all the farts that don't surprise me and giving you a window into my smelly every day ;P

These are all 100% natural farts. I'm not opposed to pumping but I haven't tried it yet so these are still just from me being naturally gassy if I eat cheese or other dairy or very fatty foods :P Yummy but very stinky!

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