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3 minutes long.

Last vacation upload then back to our regularly scheduled content ;P

In this one I can talk a bit more and have more fun! Although this IS still a shared bathroom in the hotel room I got with my friends :o

I make sure to put my cell phone RIGHT up to the hard log coming out of me so you can really hear the very loud crackling! If you like the sounds of shit coming out, this one has it, perfect and clear <3

After it plops heavy into the toilet, I try to get toilet paper, but it's kind of hard with just one hand and I get way too much. I commit and end up using way to much toilet paper for every wipe. I waste a lot but sometimes vacations are wasteful - that's just their nature!

I get nervous about possibly having clogged the toilet but this powerful foreign machine cranks it down regardless. It left nasty skidmarks which makes me shy since it's my friends toilet too. There's perfume for the stink but skidmarks in the toilet bowl tell all! I try to put in even more toilet paper and flush again but it doesn't fix it.

Whatever, I guess my friends will have to sit in that smelly room next!

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