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First Airplane Toilet Poop and LOUD flush!

Nearly 4 minutes long.

I've never actually pooped in an airplane bathroom before! I know, seems crazy since I love pooping in public bathrooms, but they're SO small and SO loud, it's not the most relaxing.

Being on vacation and taking some long flights to get there, I planned on filming a little clip in there for you guys. I forgot on the way there so the early morning of the day I flew home I made sure to film a little intro so I'd have a better chance of remembering - and it paid off!

Enjoy seeing me with a 'tan' even though I'm still super pale and sitting on the tiny toilet in that closet sized bathroom where I quickly miss my tripod, and good lighting and quiet space :P I stupidly wore a romper so I have to pretty much be naked in there - enjoy that!

Despite the poor lighting, you are able to clearly see some of my creamy hangover shit push it's way out and into the airplane toilet and you can see my messy wiping too! I show you the deep inside of the toilet, close the lid and flush!! Flushing is the worst part is SO LOUD

I don't talk during the airplane part since its super loud and there were people in line waiting for the bathroom just outside - hope they didn't mind the smell!!!

I travel on airplanes a lot but usually very short flights, like an hour, so I normally don't use the toilet. IF YOU GUYS LIKE AIRPLANE VIDS please leave me a review here letting me know! Then I'll make more, maybe even a compilation! <3

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