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Whispering During Secret Vacation Poop: Selfie-Style

4:25 minutes long

My friends are just outside in the hotel room!

I went on vacation for a few weeks, had to get somewhere nice and warm :p Now you guys will get a few very discrete vacation videos!

This is the first of 3 and all were filmed with my friends nearby so they're very amateur and sneaky and secret - just for you and me. No tripod, no elaborate play, just a little peek into how I was pooping while on my holiday escaping the cold weather :)

In this video I'm naked since I'm in the bathroom getting ready to put on my bathing suit, but I pee while on the toilet whispering to you about my plans and then lean you in close to hear the crackling and plopping sounds of my poop.

I show you the beautiful messy toilet paper wipe and the flush with close up shots of both of course!

What do you guys think of the selfie style videos? Or very amateur vacation videos?

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