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Frilly Dress Overflowing Diaper And Plastic Panties

Over 18 minutes long.

A big fan sent me this beautiful fluffy frilly pink dress and I absolutely love it! Plus there's matching frilly pink plastic panties which mean that even if my diaper overflows and leaks and gets messy, I can still play and bounce without getting my cute dress dirty <3

It's really fun to get to try something new and be this free with it so I jump and fill my diaper with hot pee and rub it around in my plastic panties and show you the inside. I fart cutely in my whole get up a few times and finally start pooping and letting everything flow into my diaper.

The poop fills it up and makes it sag and feel heavy but I let myself have a little fun and bounce and squish it and push it around until its oozing out of the sides. I keep going and even go into the living room to play horsey on the arm of the couch and make it overflow more and more into the plastic panties.

I show off and take off the layers one at a time to show you, ending by letting you see my pale ass covered in caked in messy dirty good times!

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