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Boss Makes You Watch Her Shit (+ Close-ups)

Nearly 12 minutes long.

Your boss decided to stop by, which is unusual. She seems to be in a good mood though, talking about you impressing her and even a raise!

Turns out, after she's lured away into a private room, that she had tricked you. Now you have to do what she wants to avoid being fired, although if you participate in the kinky play, she might actually give you that raise!

She makes you watch as she pulls up her tight dress and poops a food-filled shit into her coffee mug and then makes you get even closer for the next thick creamy log. Smell it! Look at the food bits! She's not nice anymore and is mocking you a little and enjoying herself.

She makes you study the shit-filled coffee mug and says nobody would ever believe you if you told. And that you have to impress her with what you do with the shit in order to earn a raise!

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