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Playing with Rice Filled Shit in the Shower

Over 13 minutes long.

I've been missing playing and filming with my house guest over - so now that they're gone I went nuts!!

I hopped in the shower and set up 2 cameras for you guys and then turned on the water and released a big long chunky shit that I'd been holding in until my guest left! It's orange coloured still from the salmon, bell peppers and sweet potatoes I've been eating leftovers of but now it also is FULL of black wild rice! It lots crazy and like it's full of dark specks.

You see it come out and hit the floor with a thud and a little splash :P Watch the water going down the drain turn shit coloured and wash it away little by little.

I eventually start to smear it on my butthole and all over my ass and then let the water wash it off and then I just squat down and start playing in it! I squish it's spongey texture in my hands and let it wash down the drain.

After showing you a quick clean up, I take the biggest baseball-sized ball of shit left over and flush it down the toilet for you! What an adventure :D

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