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Close Up, Very Long, Food Filled Shit

9:50 minutes long.

There’s a FEAST in this series of long, long sausage logs!

I’ve been horribly constipated recently (you may have noticed less videos) but hopefully it’s all worth it with this long, slow shit. I felt so so good pushing it out and even better after when it was out of me.

I was so full of all this shit for days before it came out and the relief was enormous! I had eaten lots of food and I tell you all about everything I had been eating while waiting for this shit to come.

I use 2 cameras so you have a body shot and a close up zoomed in angle to see the shit and hear it crackling as it comes out of my tight pink asshole. It stretches me and curls onto the ground right in front of you. I wink and pucker and pulse my asshole for you to make sure every last bit that is inside me comes out!

Once I’m done, I display the huge shit and show off all the bits of corn and other foods inside. Looks delicious! I recommend you eat it ;P

Contact me for customs or bundle deals!

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