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Extremely Long Poop + Thong on Filthy Asshole Action

6:22 minutes long.

This video has a little bit of everything :) First and Foremost though there is an incredible poop in this video - it's long and close up and the perfect thick, dense and smooth texture ;P

I also use this poop in a hardcore toilet slavery video if you want to see more.

I've been wearing this thong for a while so it's collected all my pussy juices, scents and cream plus a ton of sexy ass smell! Rubbing on my asshole all days for several days is pretty good but it need more!!

To make sure it has a thick juicy skidmark, I take a BIG dump and make sure it rubs all over my asshole then I put the thong back on and rub and rub!! A deep smear and now the thong is ready for you to enjoy ;D

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