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Instruction Game on a Skype Call

8:29 minutes long.

We've been hanging out on Skype for years but now that your date with another pretty girl has gone well for you in real life - I'm a little jealous! I'll never admit it but I miss when I got all of your attention and I want it back!

You lose a bet to me and that means the two of us play a game of chance. I roll dice to see what happens to you and lets just say it involves you making quite a mess of your pants! If I get a 6 it means you have to do whatever I want, no questions asked.

Before watching this video you'll need to have to pee and shit pretty badly - be desperate if you'd like to play along! Specifically, for full immersion into the fantasy, drink a bunch of coffee :)

Impress me, your online friend, and don't worry about your irl girl ever finding out! <3

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