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POV Spying Friend: 2-Angle GIANT Shit

11:39 minutes long.

In this video you are in the POV of my friend who flew in for a visit.

You’ve been checking out my ass all weekend and even started to creep outside the door whenever I used the bathroom, trying to listen and smell if I’m in there taking a big dump.

Am I supposed to pretend I don’t notice?

You luck out and creep through the open door only to see me turtling the head of a crazy big shit. It looks messy smeared on my ass from opening and closing my cheeks.

You continue to creep only to see something strange – I’ve gotten on the floor on all fours? I’m shitting while you hide and watch and it just keep COMING and COMING out into a huge pile!

Turns out I knew you were watching and waiting and so I put on a little show ;P

You’re shocked, embarrassed and hugely turned on while I laugh and show off the massive dump I took for you and wipe my ass with my panties to give you as a parting gift <3

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