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A Big, Spreading Dump in my Gymnastics Leotard

Nearly 8 minutes long.

I play a sexy gymnastics champion in this one - so if you love the look of a cheerleader/tumbler/dancer than this metallic pink rhinestoned leotard is gonna get you going! It even has a matching scrunchie that I've totally already worn out :)

We just won championships and I love the leotards we wore as our costumes! This winning number will never be worn again though, so I guess I'm free to mess it up, eh? ;D

I show off me hot body in this tight, tight, leotard. Then I start to piss in it and give you a great angle from the back. Its partially waterproof because it's so tight and the fabric is very thick, so the piss pools in the material before finally soaking it and seeping through :o

I was so urgently needing to shit and could tell it was going to be huge and sloppy! I start pushing the shit into it and it spreads out and despite the material, it starts to seep out the edges and stain it dark and brown. I pull it aside and give you a peek of the shit crackling out of my asshole ;D

Finally, I sit in it and feel the shit squishing into my crack and take it off showing you how it spread all the way up me and packed my buttcrack FULL of shit. It was fantastic!

Gooooo TEAM! <3

$9.99 USD

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