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Simulation Poop: How to


For my simulation eating video I used a little recipe that took a few tries but that I believe turned out pretty realistic looking + feeling!

Here's some instructions on how to make good simulation poop for practicing eating or for enhancing imagined play in situations when you can't get your hands on the real thing ;)


  • A ziploc-type baggie or piping bag if you're fancy

  • smooth peanut butter

  • brownie-type snack or soft chocolate cookie

Firstly, the brownie thing needs to essentially serve the purpose of being soft enough to be very easily squished and crumbled without forming any hard 'crunchy' sort of crumbs. Lots of different things work, I used soft brownie cookies with white chocolate chunks.

The first thing is to mix together smushed up brownie things and peanut butter until you have an amount and consistency that seems right.

Keep adding peanut butter to make it softer and brownies to make it denser.


  • also don't worry if the texture on the outside looks like crumbs stuck to it or really lumpy

  • focus only on the density

If it can be formed into logs roughly in your hands, you're in the right place. I'd say better to go denser than not, its very easy to add more peanut butter and in fact we will be!

Next, put just the peanut butter into the ziploc bag and smush it around so it lines a lot of the inside pretty thick, like enough not to be see through. The idea is that peanut butter will coat the outer layer of the turds.

Now ball up your mixture and put it in the bag!

Cut a corner of the bag to a hole a little smaller than how girthy you want the shit to look. If you haven't done this before to ice a cake or something, always start smaller because its easier to make it bigger. Heres a wikihow in case you're not familiar with doing this!

Squeeze out your turds into long logs or a swirl or whatever you'd like.

Now put this in the fridge until it's cold, I did it overnight! It was perfect when it came out and the peanut butter melted onto my fingers nicely while the turds still maintained their shape!

***You can always add little bits of things to imitate food chunks! get creative!

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