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Relaxing Farts and Poop in my White Bathing Suit

10 minutes long.

Now updated with improved colour and video quality :D

I love this sexy white bathing suit with big sheer sections and a soft, perfectly clean and pure white fabric. What a good thing to poop in!

After taking a nice relaxing swim I take my hair down and relax. I'm a little constipated so relieving all my body's tension in the pool AND out. Once I finish quickly drying off it's time to let everything go. I rip a couple big juicy fart in this one and push out poop right into my suit!

I give lots of different angles and you can really see it bulging and pushing against my tight white one-piece. It's so tight that I have to push some shit upwards to make room for more to let it come out :o

At he end I take off my suit and show you the insides - all stained from the experience! A perfect summertime efro vid!

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