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Hot Wet Shit After a Tummyache

5:50 minutes long.

I had a brutal tummyache!

What did I eat? The spicy food, the booze, the caffeine? Who knows, all I know is that I was cramping and it was hot coming out!

This one felt amazing to push out of me - and there was lots, it just kept coming and coming! I even repay the shitting closer up a second time so you can really see it and listen to the wet sloppy sounds it makes while sputtering and pushing out of me.

After I go and my bellyache is taken care of, I wipe and explore the pile of shit with my fingers. There's hard turds from the beginning of the shit, then tons and tons of creamy hot mushy shit. It's a little grainy from food but still lovely to feel.

$7.99 USD Direct Download HERE

Contact me to buy in a bundle deal or to order something custom

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