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Update on MyMistressK - Give it a read!

Our very own Mistress K - long time staple of femdom and toilet slave instructions, has recently come on hard times after a house fire.

She wants everyone to know that all people and pets were saved from the fire and that this is the most important thing, however she now needs to find a new place to live and to rebuild her life. While she goes through this difficult time, I would like to reach out to the community to show some extra support!

Please send her loving messages on her Twitter and Reddit to read when she comes back and buy her clips here and one I have also linked her FemScat page to leave tips with encouraging messages!

To start us all off, I have donated 100 USD personally to help get her back to making the fantastic fetish clips we've all come to expect from her dirty self. Please continue this support in whatever way you can.

Tips and Videos:


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