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Taking a BIG Dump in Target's Trashcan

4 minutes long.

A lot is going on in the 4 minutes of this video!

I'm at target and I was planning on being naughty but it hits me that if I'm going to do something it needs to happen SOON because I'm about to burst. I've been holding this shit in for days.

You see the aisles as I walk through them to the bathroom. The women's is occupied so I use the family stall instead. I take off my sweater, pull down my pants and start deciding where I'm going to go. The toilet is freshly cleaned but that's still to boring. The sink? The automatic tap sprays my ass when I try to get up on it!

I start to notice weird things and I whisper about them - the toilet paper is just a roll tied to a metal bar?? And there's a full outfit of clothes in the trashcan! Someone came in here and stole new clothes, I guess. That's where I should shit :)

I film massive turds pouring quickly out of my ass and dropping into the trash. I wipe messily and show off my dirty asshole. A look into the garbage bin shows I've destroyed these clothes!!

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