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Clogging + Plunging my Big, Wet Dump

Over 7 minutes long.

I stayed in this really old, rundown place for a little bit (I moved somewhere nicer pretty quick). It had a pretty out of date bathroom and the toilet was sketchy on whether it would flush but had worked every time. UNTIL I try to film of course.

I sit on the toilet and chat a bit, showing off my naked body and describing some feelings in my belly. I then let loose a big wet shit!

I comes out fast and you see it fill the toilet bowl from between my legs - I even repeat it with a close up so you can really see it squirt and explode out. Then I wipe and let you see into the bowl up close - it's a big wet pile of soft logs in there!

I try to flush and instead the water gets really brown and bits of shit float in circles and nothing. So you get to watch me plunge the really stinky dirty mess I made until it finally goes down! Whew, what a nasty experience!

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