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Locked Bathroom: Friend Watches me have Accident

12:42 minutes long.

I just couldn't hold it anymore!!

In this video, it's shot in the POV of a friend who's waiting with me for the bathroom to free up so I can pee. I drank so much water today and realllly need to pee - and kinda need to poo too!!

The bathroom door isn't opening and nobody is responding from inside as you watch me get more and more desperate, trying everything to get inside and to stop myself from pissing and shitting everywhere.

I start to piss uncontrollably in my panties and leggings and you can hear and see in SOAK my clothing and stream onto the floor everywhere. I'm so embarrassed but the worst of it hasn't even started!

Turns out I have some bad poop that needs to come out too and can't decide if I should try to save my leggings and pull them down to poop in only my panties or hide what's happening from you.

You see me try to hide what's happening and just make it worse smearing it around as my wet panties fill with shit. What should I do!!!

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