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Worship your Goddess's 3-Day Held Shit

8:08 minutes long.

I'm your goddess and I know it. You better believe I'm above you in every way but sometimes I feel like it'd be fun to bask in the humiliation and worship of a slave and so I made you a gift ;D

I held in the shit for 3 full days and some extra hours until I couldn't take it anymore - you KNOW your mistress treats you right!

I show off my body, knowing how much it's torturing you, and then push out a never-ending shit so beautiful I almost think you aren't worthy of it. It's golden and segmented into the days i held, getting softer and mushier as it comes out, slowly, for you to marvel at.

I do a long long close up of my examination of the massive load, torturing you and bragging about how I've got you wrapped around my little finger. It's stunning and I finish you off with a countdown - finally letting you express how much you love me by cumming to my shit.

$12.99 USD

Pay and Direct Download (titled asmrvid001 for privacy)


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