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A Witch Tests Your Commitment: PantyPoop

11:30 minutes long.

In this I play the same witch from this video!

You've come to me wanting to be turned into my panties for years of my immortal life so you can enjoy all my smells and flavours but I like to get a little kinky with my panties so I need to know you're committed before I allow you this privilege!

To pass my test you need to inhale and taste the wonders of my heavily worn panties, period play stained panties, a soaked menstrual pad, a heavy stream of my piss and finally: A Massive, Creamy, Panty Shit

I show you the panties and you watch me fill a measuring cut full of a hard stream of piss but you can barely handle it when I sit down and show you my panties and shit and shit and shit!

The soft shit spreads out everywhere and is oozing through the edges and right through the fabric as it's forced to spread upwards and all over my soft ass - can you handle the sheer amount of stinky, food filled shit in this pair?

Prove yourself to me!!

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