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Frank Wilcox was your typical high school geek. Somewhat thin, and with an unattractive face, he had little success in dating and dabbled instead in ’nerdy’ hobbies such as photography, bird watching, and model trains. Frank had a crush on one of the most popular ladies in school, who also happened to be his next door neighbor. Her name was Cassie, and she hardly even spoke to him and barely acknowledged his presence even though he lived next door to her for years. Cassie was a year older than Frank, and a senior at his high school. She was also dating the captain of the football team, aka ”Mr. All American”. Frank would daydream he had a chance to go out with her, but each day at school the bullies would knock him back into reality.

About a week before prom, on a warm May Saturday afternoon, things took a strange turn for Frank. It started with his fateful decision to climb the tree in his backyard to snap some photos of hatch-lings in a bird nest for a school project. He happened to be high enough to peer over the tall fence that separated his yard from Cassie’s.

To his amazement, the sexy neighbor girl was sunbathing on her back porch — in the nude! This excited Frank and he quickly snapped some photos so he could masturbate to them later in secret. That Monday at school, for his art project he meant to print the photos he took of the bird’s nest but accidentally uploaded the wrong file, printing nude pictures of Cassie to the printer in the classroom. Some of the boys in the class immediately grabbed up the pictures and began to hoot and holler about the images. It didn’t take long for news of this to circulate around the school — either through word of mouth or actually seeing one of the pictures that had been snatched up. When Cassie learned of this, she was both furious and wholly embarrassed that Frank would dared to have snapped nude photos of her and then have them circulated throughout the school — even if that second part of that was by accident. Surely this scandal would ruin any chance she would be nominated prom queen and attend her prestigous summer internship. She vowed that she would get revenge on the creep.

That evening Cassie is on the cell phone with her boyfriend and insisted he do something. Her boyfriend suggested a much crueler revenge that would not involve him getting arrested for assault. He knew that Frank invested a lot of time and money building a model railroad. He told Cassie he would be able to steal it from Frank’s house with the help of a few of his football buddies, including Frank’s older brother who owed him a big favor. She could destroy the train for her revenge. Cassie liked this idea even more than physical violence, it fit more with her style. She agreed to the idea. Over the next few days, she thought up of various punishments she would inflict upon it.

A few weekends later, a huge box of trains mysteriously found their way into Cassie’s basement, courtesy of her boyfriend. Her parents were away for the weekend, so she had plenty of time to exact her revenge and then dispose of the ruins. While her boyfriend assembled the train set, Cassie picked out two pairs of cute shoes to use as her weapons of mass destruction, one with pointy heels and a pair with wide, thick heels. She slipped on a nice sundress and was ready to begin.

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